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Fall 2020 Classes

Theo 101: Foundations of Salvation

Professor: Chris Anderson


Discipleship on Foundational Truths (2 semesters)

Professor: Bill Berg


This course explores the foundations of Christian Discipleship using biblical based insights, theological perspectives and uses the personal relationship between the student and his Creator. This course will challenge each student to seek Biblical Truth so as to properly build the knowledge and skills to share and minister to others.


Christian Worldview for the Marketplace

Professor: Barbara Holmes-Brackett


Jesus exhorts his followers to be “salt and light” in a world of spiritual darkness and moral decay. How should Christians answer Jesus’ call as they engage the world of commerce, a God-ordained system where righteous discipline must compete against fleshly interests?


OT Prophets

Professor: Ron Brackett


Yielding to God: Forgiveness, Healing & Deliverance

Professor: Ruthann Delong


Develop the protocol of Hearing God’s Voice surrendering to the Holy Spirit for healing and deliverance. Yielding is based on relationship. Relationship with the Holy Spirit and relationship with the coach.


#Goals (Finance) Part 1

Professor: Claudio DeMacedo

#Goals (Nutrition) Part 2

Professor: Sue Anderson

#Goals (Marriage & Family)



Mentoring: Being Spiritual Sons & Daughters

Professor: John Gagne


Old Testament Survey

Professor: Dr. Asha Komanapalli 


An intentional survey of the Old Testament history and teachings are presented against the cultural, geographical, and literary background of the ancient Near East.  Comparative history and literature are used to supplement and explain the biblical text.  This course includes a study of key theological themes foundational to the New Testament and Western culture.  This course further approaches the Old Testament documents from a theistic, supernatural viewpoint as we believe that there is only one supreme God-the I AM.  It is a journey acknowledging that through the historical process, God has revealed Himself to mankind through His mighty acts to the Israelites the person of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, and this is a vital preview to the New Testament.


The Gift of the Rewarder, The Gift of Promise

Holy Spirit 101

Professor: Wes MacLagan


The Power is in the Gospel

Professor: Kurt McWilliams


What comes to mind when you hear or read the word ​gospel?​ Do you think about the first four books of the New Testament; do you see a street corner preacher or maybe think about evangelizing? What is ​the gospel​, really? What is this ​good news​? In the book of Romans, chapter 1 and verse 16, the Apostle Paul described the gospel as the ​power of God ​unto salvation. In this course we will explore the ​power ​that God provided through the gospel of Jesus the Christ and the inheritance ​available to all believers.​


Basics of Scripture: Knowing the Facts

Professor: Will Saint-Ilme



Professor: Paul Conway


7 Habits of Highly Effective People & Spiritual Disciplines

Professor: Kimberly Reichal-Vischi


Are you fulfilling your God given dreams to the fullest potential? Most of us have very many good intentions, but lose track as life keeps moving forward. It is important to take time to pause, assess, and refocus. In this course, we will discuss how to maximize your life while staying balanced through the principles of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. The habits describe how to live proactively instead of reactively, follow through with your goals, avoid living in crisis mode, establish mutually beneficial relationships, listen empathetically, synergize efforts with others for greater outcomes, and avoid burn-out through self-renewal. The 7 Habits are an inside-out approach, establishing a healthy internal spiritual paradigm to be practically expressed outwardly. The course will include specific activities to help you develop your own expression of the 7 Habits.


Journey of Love: The Art of Receiving and Giving the Love of the Father

Professor: Kimberly Reichal-Vischi


The key of the Gospel good news is that “God so loved the world” but do we really understand what this love really means? The steps on this journey of love are: receiving God’s love, loving God in return, loving yourself, loving your neighbor, loving the unlovable, loving your enemy, and giving God’s love through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In this course we will discuss through our own personal journeys of knowing and growing in this love. Coursework will include your own biblical research, you sharing your heart, and you reaching out to others with God’s love. This time will be interactive and personal, so come ready with a soft and open heart.

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