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To mentor and assist 18-24 year old men and women who have been emancipated from the Foster Care System by providing structure, discipline, community, life skills, and encouragement needed for growth- leading to success throughout his or her adult life and helping them become productive members of society.


The Bridge is a program for young men and women that desire to be mentored and are committed to changing their lives therefor becoming productive members of society. This 6-12 month program is designed to encourage, empower, equip, and develop lasting relationships within our local community and church community, surrounding each young person with a positive support system.

the program

All young people that voluntarily enter our program will live in a home with several other residents. Each room is rented on a month to month basis and the lease will be renewed each month pending an evaluation of the resident’s involvement and commitment to the program.


The statistics are alarming when it comes to young men and women that age out of the foster care system. They are statistically doomed for failure straight out of the gate. This is why we need to reach them!

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