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The Bridge was created for the purpose of helping young men and women that have “timed out” of the Foster Care System. This program was developed out of a desire to empower and equip these young people by teaching them skills often not taught while residing in a foster home, group home, or semi-independent living programs. Statistically, these young people are starting their adult lives “behind” in so many areas. Simple life skills, the importance of a strong and positive community, faith, life purpose, hard work, the desire to learn, setting goals, and reaching those goals are often glanced over or not taught at all. Throughout their teenage years, there is a great emphasis on graduating high school and making good decisions as to not end up expelled or in jail. Upon emancipation, these men and women are starting out on their own and statistically are doomed for failure.

All young people that voluntarily enter our program live in a home with several other residents. Each room is rented on a month to month basis and the lease will be renewed each month pending an evaluation of the resident’s involvement and commitment to the program. We do not claim to change the heart and/or life of any resident in the program- but the program is designed to teach the importance of faith and community within one’s faith. Therefor, Faith and The Bible are taught and reinforced through mandatory mid-week spiritual emphasis meetings and each resident is encouraged to regularly attend a local church Sunday mornings. Historically, the church community is proven to the be a major factor in positive growth for individuals; as well as the success of faith-based programs for drug rehabilitation, psychiatric care and healing, transitioning ex-convicts, and troubled youth is far more effective than any secular and/or state run program.

During the 6-12 months, each young person will have a mentor, be connected to a local church and parachurch ministries, be expected to obtain employment, attend spiritual emphasis events, activities, and meetings, stay drug and alcohol free, participate in individual and group counseling, and all psychiatrists and psychologists will be on an individual basis.

The entire process is designed to provide a greater chance for success in the life of a young person that has been emancipated. Our goal is to encourage, empower, equip, and release each young man and woman to be productive in society by teaching them life skills, discipline, work ethic, the importance of faith, family, and community that will go with them throughout their adult life and in return, change the lives of the next generation.



•Month to Month Housing

•Finding Permanent Affordable Housing


•32+ hours @ One Job –or-

•2 Part Time Jobs –or-

•School & Part Time Job



•Flat Tire Repair/Basic Carpentry Skills/Home Economics (i.e. Ironing, Cooking, Grocery Shopping, Yard Work…)

•Health & Hygiene

•Driver’s License




•Church Attendance/Mandatory Mid-week Spiritual Emphasis Meeting


•The Gospel of Jesus Christ

•The Bible is Absolute Truth and the ultimate authority leading to a productive life filled with Joy, Peace, and Purpose

•2 institutions ordained by God in scripture:

1) Marriage & Family  2) The Church

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